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Compatible manufacturers

Flexible communication with other systems has become our company philosophy. As a result, we can now refer to a large number of partner companies. Thanks to the open communication interfaces of AC ELWA-E and AC•THOR, the excess power information can also be received from various inverters, smart homes and battery manufacturers as an alternative to my-PV Power Meter.
In addition, AC ELWA-E is also used by hot water and storage tank manufacturers and AC•THOR is able to control many types of electric space heaters.

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  • KEBA

  • Xsolution

  • MEC Electronic

  • mfh Systems

  • Etherma

  • WMT

  • Aht

  • Danfoss

  • easyTherm

  • Infrarot Vitalheizung

  • Vitramo

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Loxone

  • Adamczewski

  • Voltoplus

  • Powerdog

  • iHaus Automation

  • Meo

  • ASKI

  • myGekko

  • Smart1

  • Plexlog

  • evon Smart Home

  • Guh

  • Energiefreund

  • Homee

  • Wien Energie

  • Solar-Log

  • Greenrock

  • Powerball


  • RCT

  • Victron

  • Steca

  • Studer

  • KACO

  • Kostal

  • Senertec

  • Domotec

  • SEMS

  • Reflex

  • SMA

  • Fronius

External control through compatible systems

and integration of other components

For many manufacturers there are detailed descriptions for the combination. The following ones are available in English:

Tip Much more descriptions are available in German! See here


 Manufacturer   AC ELWA-E    AC•THOR / AC•THOR 9s 
 Carlo Gavazzi  download download
 Fronius  download download
 Huawei (Modbus RTU)  - download
 Huawei (Modbus TCP)  download download
 KACO  download download
 Kostal PIKO IQ Plenticore  download download
 Kostal Smart Energy Meter  download download
 Loxone  download download
 MEC electronics  download download
 SMA Sunny Home Manager  download download
 SMA Sunny Island (offgrid)  - download
 SolarEdge  download download
 Studer (offgrid)  - download
 Sungrow  - download
 TA Technische Alternative  download -
 VARTA  download download
 Victron (off-grid)  - download
 Victron (on-grid)   download download


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