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Space heating from photovoltaics

Space-saving - cost-effective - efficient – retrofittable

How do we come up with the crazy idea of direct electric heating from PV power in winter?

You have to know that in our latitudes photovoltaic can supply considerable energy also in winter. Thus, there is no obstacle supporting the heating system.

Electric heaters are said to be very expensive to operate. We solve this problem by supporting this heating with cost-effective photovoltaic power. The consequences are 30% lower operating costs and up to 30% lower investment costs compared to conventional heating systems (eg air heat pumps). A prerequisite for this, however, is a well-insulated building. This should be self-evident today anyway for new buildings and renovations.


Our principle of space heating from photovoltaics works reliably and without distribution losses. In the long run, this is the best solution for low energy homes. Electricity from your PV system directly ensures a comfortable room temperature.
As a consequence technical installation for heat generation is reduced to an absolute minimum. The system operates without complex service and maintenance. Unlike heat pumps, you have a noiseless, more or less invisible system.


Tip You can achieve all of this with a compact, smart device, our AC•THOR.



hakerl Electric heating systems are flexible in application: floor, wall or ceiling. With no other heating system you have so many options.
hakerl No need for additional piping, pumps, etc.
hakerl Noiseless
hakerl Space saving - no conventional boiler room and fuel storage room necessary
hakerl Also easy to use for renovations (eg no demolition works necessary for screed)
hakerl Of course, also possible to be used in water-based heating systems


Tip A reference project on the principle of a full electric building can be found here.

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